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Sort All your photos automatically with Ideal Photo Sorter. This digital photos organizer will sort, organize and rename all your photos automatically, even if you want to organize thousands of photos and they are packed in archives. Key features:

Sort photos (automatically)


(automatically sort all your photos, even packed in ZIP and RAR archives)

Sort photos easily


(with automatically shown step-by-step wizard)

Sort photos directly as you want


(select one of popular photo sorting methods: by photo creation date, camera model, image size, photo content, etc. or easily specify your own photo sorting method)

Sort all your photos, even of rare types


(more than 367 photo formats are supported, including JPG, BMP, PSD, PDF, PNG, GIF, ICO, TIFF, AI, BTF, FPX, VRD, DCM, PS, PCT, NEF, JPEG and hundreds of others);

Sort photos qualitative


(while sorting are used all available photo tags including EXIF, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, MakerNote, FlashPix, etc.);

Sort photos in archives


(even if your photos are packed in ZIP and RAR archives – they also will sorted automatically)

Sort photos somehow else


(you can easily configure sorter to do custom sorting operations)

Sort photos and all other files


(including music, videos, books, archives and all files in archives)

 Download latest version of Ideal Photo Sorter right Now
While sorting of your photos, you will see all, that is happening, even content of archives with photos, that are processed now. And even more - you can on the fly do with photos that were appended to databases all, that you want - copy, cut, delete or move to another location. Download Ideal Photo Sorter to sort all your photos automatically right now:
 Download Ideal Photo Sorter right Now Get Full version right Now


Let all your photos to be in ideal order!

No more photos, that you can not find - Ideal Photo Sorter will sort all your photos according to their content and move them to appropriate folders. And even more - all options may be changed by your choise. 

Ideal Photo Sorter have easy to use start-up wizard, which will ask you a couple of questions and will organize all your photos automatically. You do not need configure anything.

At the first photo sorter start you will be able to select, how your photos should be sorted - by date and time, when they were made, by their content, by model and manufacturer or camera, using which photos were made - there are variety of variants, how your photos may be sorted with Ideal Photo Sorter and you can select, how your photos should be sorted with one mouse click.

Want something special? In addition to variety of standard photo sorting methods (by date and time, when photos were made, by camera, using which photos were made) you also may select you own, unique photo sorting method, that best fit your needs. Everybody can sort photos directly as he want.

With Ideal Photo Sorter you may be sure, that all your photos will be sorted, even if some of them are in exotic and rare formats. It sort JPG, BMP, PSD, PDF, PNG, GIF, ICO,  DIB, TIFF, JPEG, AI, BTF, TIF, CS1, CR2, DCM, DC3, DIC, DICM, DCR, DNG, EPS, EPSF, PS, ERF, FPX , VRD, RAW, X3F, WDP, THMPICT, PCT, NEF photos and photos in hundreds of other photo formats.

Ideal Photo Sorter use maximum photo information available to organize your photos better. Variety of image tag types are used while photos organizing. You are able to use EXIF, IPTC, GPS, XMP, MakerNote, JFIF, GeoTIFF, ICC, IRB, AFCP, FlashPix photo tags. More than a thousand of photo properties are directly supported and may be included in image file path.

Are directly supported all most popular photo cameras, scanners and photo editors. Ideal Photo Sorter have native support of photos, that were made by Canon, FujiFilm, Casio, JVC, HP, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta, Konica-Minolta, Olympus, Epson, Nikon, Leica, Panasonic, Pentax, Asahi, Ricoh, Sanyo, Sony cameras and many others.

 Ideal Photo Sorter is needed for everyone, who has photos and need them to be organized.

Let all your photos to be in ideal order with such powerful tool as Ideal Photo Sorter.

 Download Ideal Photo Sorter right Now Get Full version right Now


User opinions 


That's what people say about Ideal Photo Sorter possibilities:

"I had several hard drives full of different photo cameras in the different years. I am photojournalist and travel around the world with my photo cameras. In the past all photos were made on photographic films and are stored, being printed on the paper. Today I use digital photo cameras with high resolution, such as Nikon TX Extra. I stored all my photos on my notebook and several mobile hard drives. Finally, all photos mixed up and I even could not find photos from my last trip to Burma. I even did not know, what to do. But my colleague advised me to use Ideal Photo Sorter. I installed it and it sorted all photos, that I had directly as I wanted (by camera model and date, when photo was made). I even did not supposed, that such clever photo sorters exist. Ideal Photo Sorter saved very many of my time - all my photos are now in the ideal order. Ideal Photo Sorter - is a program, which really helps people to organize their photo collection easily."
        Greg List, photojournalist of newspaper "New York Times"

 Download Ideal Photo Sorter right Now Get Full version right Now



Our mission 

Today life is impossible to imagine without information, and information - without files. By reports, provided by independent researches, now more than 95% of information is stored in files.

 In 1970's, when first floppy disk was invented, it had 0,1 Megabyte size and often hold up to 15 files. In 1980's was invented CD disk, that already had 500 Megabyte size and could hold already thousands of files. In 1990's became popular DVD disks, that could carry already dozens of thousands of files. Today most of files are stored on HDD (Hard Disk Drives), that are presented in every computer. They have size beginning from 80 000 Megabyte and hold millions of documents.

Several weeks ago was already started production of Hard disk with 470 000 Megabytes size, that is able to store already milliards of photos in variety of formats.

When on a computer are stored such variety of photos, especially if they are packed in numerous of archives, it is extremely hard to navigate between them. People often don't know, what photos and where are stored.

When in a folder several hundreds, or even thousands of files with names like "894.jpg", "important(12).psd", "photos14.rar", "confer64.bmp", "" it will be needed days, or even weeks and months to understand, what is what, rename all and move all in folders, according to content.

A whole directories are deleted, cause there is no possibility to find out, what is inside and use such content.

You are in the danger! Is any solvation of such heavy situation? Yes, and it is - Ideal Photo Sorter. 
 Download Ideal Photo Sorter right Now Get Full version right Now
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