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The easiest way to find, what is Ideal Sorter - is to hear, what other users tell about it.

Here are some short reviews, sent to us by people, who already use Ideal Sorter:

"On our radio station, as on any other, is stored a large amount of music records. Some of them are played regularly, some of them not. To find needed music record in our audio archive, where are stored millions of files, is very hard. We had to hire a special employee, who categorized records in archive, but even such solvation was not perfect - we periodically received several thousands of records in a day, and a person who organized them, could not sort them all and made a lot of errors. All this unsorted music records collected, collected and collected... One day while real-time broadcasting music clips, prepared to transmission, were lost in all this chaos, and we were forced to break transmission. My colleague from another radio station called me, when  knew about incident, and advised to use Ideal Sorter. Over several hours all our millions of MP3's were sorted and even if we are gathering several thousands of new audio records in some days, Ideal Sorter easily append them to common music base - right from audio CD's! Thanks very much to all Ideal Sorter developers. Program, that they made, really help people."
        David Bronson, sound producer of radio-station

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"In our office periodically is collected variety of documents in electronic form - they are needed for statistics gathering. Every Friday i create consolidated report, based on information, gathered from them. Day by day, month by month office documents collected on our file server, their quantity increased and increased, and to work with them became harder and harder. One Friday i could not find one document, needed for weekly report, and spent weekends in the office, sorting all documents by author and department, where they were created. Already was Monday, but report was still was not ready. Engineers from technical department installed, to help me, a special program for files organizing. It sorted all documents in minutes, directly as i want - first part by date, second part by size, and third part by author. Needed documents were found and from that time my work became much easier - Thanks a lot to Ideal Sorter creators team."
         Michael Werner, office manager

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"I am working in archive department of large production company. On our servers most of documents are stored in archived state. We receive them daily and we needed, before appending to common storage, manually open every archive file, view it's content and rename it, according to documents, located in it. All was OK, but after extending of company production level we became to get more and more archived documents for processing. Finally, leaving on the work until late at night. To solve this problem was installed Ideal Sorter and now it do all itself. Very powerful program - how we could be without it?"
        Nikolas Flatley, director of archive department in production company

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"Our department store all non-private files, transmitted over satellite network. Every day we receive millions of new files. All this data must be somehow organized, so any of our clients could easily find among that files what he need. We tried all file organizing tools, presented on market - and chosen Ideal Sorter. Why? Extremely flexible settings. We set up different processing rules for audio, video, text, executable files and archives. No one program can do it today. "
        Victor Acosta, chief engineer of data processing center

That's what users say about Ideal Sorter. We hope, that it will be useful for you too.

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There are also presented other user reviews, not listed here:

You also can add your own review of one of media sorters, It will be published in appropriate section shortly.

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